In 1992 the very first release of a solution for production and distribution of documents on AS/400 called Quick-PRESS was created by Serge ALBAGNAC, the owner of the product, and a partnership with the French based company Traders was started for the distribution and support of the solution.

For 25 years, Quick-PRESS and its surrounding solutions have been successfully distributed to many satisfied customers and a service of quality has been provided by Traders around the products.

During this time, the AS/400 has changed name a few times to finally become the IBM i and our solutions have evolved alongside the technology and grown with the needs of our customers so that they are now able to adapt and integrate any type of document production, no matter how complex.

However, due to the sale of Traders in 2018 for their High Availability solution Quick-EDD/HA, it was mutually decided to end the partnership regarding Quick-PRESS and all document related products developed and owned by the company B.S.L.

B.S.L (for Business Software Lab), based in Andorra and created in 2015 by Serge ALBAGNAC, took over the activity provided until then by Traders and has maintained the network of partners that was built and the quality of service provided to the customers.

Because Traders owns the brand Quick-Software-Line, B.S.L decided to create the new brand Whiz-TEC and to change the name of their products. Quick-PRESS became Whiz-DOC and Quick-SPOOL became Whiz-SPOOL.

Starting January 2020 B.S.L and its partners will take over all the activity attached to Quick-PRESS and Quick-SPOOL.

This includes sales, maintenance services, technical support of 1st and 2nd level and Invoicing for licenses, maintenance and all related services.

A new release of Quick-PRESS now named Whiz-DOC is available and was rewritten so that it no longer uses system objects as Quick-PRESS did. This allows to greatly simplify the installation of the product, avoids any problem in the case of a new IBM i OS release and most important, it makes the product fully compatible with any High Availability solution and allows to replicate our programs and objects from a system to another.

We want to assure all the users of our solutions that we will maintain the quality of service that was always provided to them and that our products will keep on existing and evolving with the ever-growing needs of document production in a modern professional environment.


  The B.S.L Team.


Our team of developers and our partners are always available to help our customers and we take pride in the quality of the service we provide.

Solution makers

Based in Andorra, we are a team of programmers dedicated to the development of solutions on IBM i systems, with over 400 companies over the world using our solutions and more than 25 years of experience in creating and maintaining our products.

A network of reliable partners

Over our many years of activity, we had the chance of meeting a lot of great people and to have built professional relationships with them regarding the distribution and support of our solutions. Based all over Europe (France, Italy, Holland, Spain and Switzerland) our partners are here for any service you may need.