changes name and becomes  Whiz-DOC

Welcome to the Whiz-TEC solutions website.

Following the sale of Traders, the historical distributor of Quick-PRESS, Quick-ARCHIVE and Quick-SPOOL solutions, we are confronted with a new situation that requires a problem free transition in the use of our software by our customers.

BSL, the publisher of the document solutions Quick-PRESS and Quick-SPOOL, sold by Traders,QSL NE and QSL Italia until now, is taking over all the activity attached to these solutions starting from January 2020.

  • Sales.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Technical support of 1st et 2nd level.
  • Invoicing for licenses, maintenance and all related services.

The brand “QUICK” being owned by Traders we are changing the name of our products for copyright reasons.
We are creating a new line of products called Whiz-TEC.
Within it, Quick-PRESS et Quick-SPOOL are still maintained but become Whiz-DOC and Whiz-SPOOl.
It also contains the new Whiz-XMl suite that can produce XML outputs or at the contrary convert XML files to spool with page layout or feed the data base.
Regarding support, we are maintaining the same teams and the same resources as before.
We are also increasing our programmer workforce and are currently making considerable changes and evolutions to the products.
Also, we are more and more present in the world of ERPs as well as Cloud by integrating our solutions.
As a conclusion, we want to assure you of the continuity of our solutions and guarantee new products, as always IBM i native, designed to help you in the context of documents production/management as well as the data that composes it.